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Fundamental Behavior 21 – Be a Lifelong Learner

May 21, 2021
Author: YKK
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Be a lifelong learner

The 25 Fundamental Behaviors are a complete life-guide. I am sure each one of you has a favorite one. BE A LIFELONG LEARNER is definitively one of my favorites. I can identify with it.

During my 30 years as part of YKK Colombia, I have learned countless things for my life. I began as data input assistant, and from this role I have gone through many areas and responsibilities, each one different from others and involving new knowledge that turned into experience and again into knowledge, thus becoming an endless cycle.

During the time in which I have had the privilege to serve the company I have grown in all dimensions of my life. The learning has been diverse, from training  to experience, but especially in challenging moments, I have grown in all dimensions of my life, which leads me to quote in part one of our Core Values: “Do not fear failure, experience builds success…” There is no better teacher than failure to give us information about the right path.

Another valuable way for learning I have verified over and over is the opportunity to share our knowledge with others. As Joseph Joubert said, “To teach is to learn twice.”

No less challenging has been the last year when COVID subjected us to constant changes, limiting our access to usual activities such as joining family or traveling. That is when learning takes on more importance, to manage situations such as isolation. Many of us have taken advantage of this time to learn or improve something that has been pending for years.

By the way, a personal anecdote: I would never have imagined that a handicraft I learned several years ago could be useful in this time of quarantine, but thanks to my husband, my daughters and I shared time together by making handmade Christmas gifts for the rest of our family.  These gifts were much appreciated by all of them.

When we are willing learners, the process becomes daily and natural, and we find knowledge in nature, in interactions with other people, through books and electronic devices, and in general in each experience of our lives.

To my colleagues in the YKK Americas group, I invite you to always be attentive, observant, and disciplined, and especially to rescue your inner child full of curiosity and with capacity for wonder.

I can assure you that maintaining a learner attitude will fill our lives with surprises and will make us more able to face any challenge that the future holds.

Martha Eugenia Vargas
Financial manager