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Fundamental Behavior 20 – Pay Attention To The Details

November 6, 2020
Author: YKK
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Pay attention to the details

I believe we have all had or seen situations in our work and home life whereby missing just one detail can have a large impact on the outcome of a situation with short term and/or long-term implications. We all must believe and implement attention to details in all aspects of our life.

Paying attention to details is important for a multitude of reasons, such as avoiding costly errors and maintaining efficiency, and for me the first amongst equals is the health and safety of our employees at all levels of the organization. I believe our employees are not assets of the company but rather resources of the company that can create a strong and viable organization. I believe how well you recognize, treat, and protect your resources are keys to growth and success.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. However, we as employees need to really care and pay attention to the details of safety, taking nothing for granted. When employees do not pay attention to the details around safety it sends the message of tacit approval to others and will show in time when most employees will start to do the same.

There are many examples whereby attention to health and safety details in our production and office environments need to be continually addressed especially in these unprecedented times of COVID.

Do we pay attention to clutter and disorganization in our plants and offices that could lead to potential injuries and low productivity environments? Do we miss the details of our employees not correctly wearing required PPE, eye, hearing, and foot protection, to name a few?

Are we paying attention to employees who wear their facemasks below their noses or sometimes not at all, based on who or where they  are? Do we follow the safety protocols put in place and pay attention to physical distancing as required? Have we noticed that the hand sanitizing stations are empty or not available and take the initiative to replace or find help from others who can?

Our attention to detail in the areas of safety are paramount as an individual and organization. Pay attention to the details that can protect yourself and others and lead by example to show that you care for the good of all.

Ramsey Fadel
Executive Vice President / General Manager
Erie Architectural Products

* YKK AP America announced the acquisition of high-performance facades solutions provider Erie Architectural Products Group on December 9th, 2019.