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Fundamental Behavior 2 – Be Vigilant About Safety

January 8, 2021
Author: YKK
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So, what’s been going on in the world since the last time we discussed being vigilant about safety?  While we usually discuss YKK’s corporate safety policies and ways to keep our employees safe on the job, the COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges.  As our response to the situation has evolved, our workplaces have become testing grounds for creating safe and effective protocols.

Almost immediately, company leaders, HR professionals and facility managers found themselves working to become experts in infectious disease control management.  Organizations, like YKK, with stronger foundations in workplace health and safety were better prepared to tackle those challenges.

While we have much discussed the practices of wearing a mask, practice social distancing and washing our hands, those activities cannot be underestimated.  Essentially, COVID-19 precautions come down to some common health and safety protocols.

Stay home if you are sick.  Preventing sick individuals from spreading illness to others is critical, and comes with some workplace culture challenges.

Wear the appropriate PPE.  It is simple…wear a mask.  Not only to protect you, but maybe more importantly, to protect your fellow employees.

Practice physical distancing.  Keeping our employees at a safe distance is not a new concept.  Many of our locations already have forklift lanes and designated areas for fall protection.

Observe good hygiene practice.  COVID-19 has amplified the importance of handwashing, but good hygiene is standard practice.

Another aspect to consider is to get communications right.  In the beginning of the pandemic, we were unsure about how and what to communicate to our employees.  But, with our rapid response, we got it right with clear and good information, policies and protocols to make our employees safe and help cut through some of the media white noise.

Hoping for a much happier and safer new year.


Todd Baldwin
Director of Environmental Affairs
YKK Corporation of America