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Fundamental Behavior 15 – Listen to Understand

October 2, 2020
Author: YKK
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I think that understanding people’s stories is the basis of communication. Especially, showing interest in people’s stories is very important in deepening mutual understanding.

When I used to work in the Product Planning Group in Japan, I had technical challenges in some product development projects. At the beginning, technical topics were difficult for me since I was not an engineer, and because I lacked knowledge, I couldn’t talk in depth enough to where the engineers could give me an outline of the subject. So I went to the manufacturing and product development sites every day and tried to deepen my own understanding, and my interest was conveyed to the people around me, and the engineers began to give more detailed explanations during our meetings. As a result, the issues they were facing became clearer, discussions among the parties concerned could be deepened, and countermeasures for the issues could be examined from various angles.

People want to talk to people who are interested in listening to their stories and want to give them a lot of information. And it helps us deepen our understanding of each other. This is true of relationships with friends and family, but I feel that it is especially important for working at a global company where people speak different languages and have various cultural backgrounds, such as YKK.

I’m currently working on the new demand creation project, and I think that what is important for this project is to understand the challenges customers are facing and what they really want, and to come up with the right solution. To that end, I would like to keep in mind “understanding people’s stories” and work on it every day.

Kyle Futamura
Business Development – New Demand Creation Manager
YKK (U.S.A.) Inc.