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Fundamental Behavior 12 – Seek improvement in everything

March 19, 2021
Author: YKK
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I read an article last summer (mid pandemic) and there was a statement: “If you make it out of this pandemic without learning something new (skill, etc.), then you are failing at life.” At first, I chuckled to myself (and probably rolled my eyes) and thought, “Not failing at life?” Once my sarcasm subsided…I recognized that the article may have taken a dramatic approach, but I understood their point.

The point was that we should stop being stagnant. As this week’s definition states, “Don’t be satisfied with the status quo.” Find solutions and stop complaining because what does complaining do, besides make us more upset and resentful?  So, I decided to stop complaining about how dreadful my nails looked every day, and learned how to do those gel manicures I gladly paid $50+ for pre-COVID! Instead of complaining about fighting with my daughter to do her hair daily, I learned how to do braids that could last for weeks. Thank you, YouTube!

I’m sure we can all think of examples of how we’ve improved situations around us over the last year.  We often find new home improvements to be done as we walk throughout our houses. Do we have the mentality of “Oh, that’s always been that way, so why change it?” No, we quickly run to Home Depot to buy supplies and get to work. So, why do we take the approach of “That’s how it’s always been done” at work? Why don’t we take the time to put our heads together and find ways in which to improve and allow people to work smarter?

This past year has taught us that old business models and mentalities are only damaging to organizations. That said, we must be able compete and keep up with the changing business world. We can no longer manage our business the way we did 30, 20, even 10 years ago. It is imperative that we find areas to improve in order to keep up and be able to respond faster than the competition to our customers’ needs. After all, it is our customers that keep the lights on, write our paychecks and allow us to keep coming to work every day. It’s time for us to truly find ways in which to improve their experiences with us, and we should all be willing to take those extra steps to make this happen.

KerryAn Simpson
Senior Regional Sales Manager – East and Central Sales Regions
YKK (U.S.A.) Inc.