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Fundamental Behavior 10 – Be Process Driven

August 27, 2021
Author: YKK
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Be Process Driven

Since joining YKK in El Salvador, I have been in Sales and my main focus is customers and purchase orders. However, as I learned about the YKK world, I also learned about all the terminology not only of the products, but the deep focus and commitment that each employee of YKK in El Salvador had with quality and productivity.

It was not until a meeting when I began to observe all the management indicators that the sales, production and administration areas had to keep.  I was overwhelmed by so much information and at the time I did not understand why so much data was being used.

As time went by, programs came to our region that represented a challenge not only in the growth of production but also a challenge at a personal level to change processes that were carried out in a basic way and that, with the arrival of these new production volumes, represented a challenge to carry metrics that indicated that the level of efficiency with which we were serving our customer in service and product corresponded to what an organization belonging to the YKK Group should offer with a high level of quality.

At that time we had to change several processes and adapt them to this new demand, so that we could find a stable, firm path and be a constant guide for the whole team to obtain the results in deliveries that we had committed to the customer.

A decisive factor was that our entire YKK El Salvador team had a single vision and a common goal, which was to satisfy our customer, and each area adapted its processes to seek that common goal.  The vision was shared among the other colleagues so that the executed changes were permissible and understandable to them when executing them.

These actions allowed us to minimize execution errors, make effective use of production time and make adequate use of the resources we had available to deliver orders on time.

Although it was not an easy task for our operation to obtain higher volume programs in our production plant, maintaining a focus on processes was a great support to know what steps we had to implement or even improve the ones already created, so that our results have been positive for our customers.

Even today we still have a good sales record with this customer, but above all we have their confidence in our operation, because they know about our quality processes both in the service we provide and the product we deliver.

Sidia Betancourt
Sales Manager
YKK El Salvador