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The YKK Solutions Group aims to help manufacturers struggling with issues such as time-consuming manual processes, high scrap rate and wasted material, inconsistent quality, high inventory, multiple suppliers, and rising production costs.



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Process Improvement
Tactical gear manufacturer achieves 90% reduction in labor.
Collaborative Development
Medical manufacturer breathes new life into product with YKK innovations.
Custom Machinery
Jeans manufacturer saves $10,000 annually in waste reduction.
Process Improvement
Auto seat manufacturer reduces labor and inventory through automation.

Collaborative Development
Automotive seat manufacturer improves product design with development and assembly by YKK.
Assembly Service
Automotive manufacturer reduces supply chain complexity and cost and improves vehicle appearance.



Our Features

Unparalleled quality
We are the undisputed leader in quality fastening products. We take the knowledge we gained in improving the quality of our own products, machinery and processes and apply that knowledge to your products, machinery and processes.
Long-term relationships
After more than 80 years in business, YKK knows a thing or two about building relationships for the long haul. With YKK, expect a true partnership, now, and for years to come.

Technical Support
Our technical support network is strategically located across the US, Mexico, Caribbean and Central America. We can respond to your needs within 24 hours.

Innovative solutions to your unique challenges
We focus on your product and your manufacturing method and strategy to implement a customized solution that works for you.

Increased productivity
We are experts at analyzing manufacturing processes and finding a way to make you more productive. We break down your processes and find ways to de-skill or automate them. Less time spent on processes frees your team up to focus on other challenges.
Inventory reduction
We target your labor-intensive and redundant processes and develop a combination of automated solutions that allows for the versatility that is essential to manufacturing.

Reduced time to market
Increased productivity and access to our global network of 72 countries and regions means reduced time to market for your products, which is crucial to global competitiveness.
Improved ergonomics
Our ergonomically designed machinery takes the strain off your employees and improves their quality of life.

At YKK, harmony with the environment is our highest business priority. We commit to seeking ways to reduce waste of materials and energy in all aspects of your business.



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