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Do the right things, always

June 29, 2020
Author: YKK
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This article will mark the start of the 7th cycle of YKK’s 25 Fundamental Behaviors. “Do the Right Thing, Always” had to be at the top of the list since it represents the most important behavior we all should aim for each and every day.

I grew up one of five children in a small town in northern New Jersey.  Most families were from different ethnic backgrounds but grounded in commonality when it came to making sure their kids were brought up with basic values of decency, respect and honesty.  My family was no different and my parents made sure we understood the difference between right and wrong.  My Dad passed away in late 2004 just before I moved to Georgia with my family.  All of his life he preached what family is all about and that your word is your brand as well as your bond.  I am sure this sounds familiar to most of you that were lucky enough to grow up in a loving household.  What my Dad most stressed to each of his children was that it is easy to do the right things when someone is looking but it is a true measure of personal integrity when you do what is right when no one is there too witness it.

Holding a door open for a stranger, saying please and thank you, yielding way while driving to someone else to go before you are all visible signs of doing the right thing when witnessed by others.  I ask you to find something that you can do that will not be witnessed or even expected and you will find that it will only strengthen and magnify your own brand.  Doing the right thing always is a goal we all strive to achieve but we are human and imperfect.  We make attempts for perfection that fall short, but we don’t have to accept that inevitability.  Our efforts to practice just this one Fundamental Behavior each day gives each of us more than enough momentum to carry out the other 24 spelled out by Alex Gregory just 3 years ago.    Thanks for taking time to read this week’s article and hope we can support each other toward that goal!

Brian Kenny
Director, Business Leader
Government & Safety Industry