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A Christmas story for the family

December 15, 2017
Author: YKK
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A few days before Christmas, a very cold winter was approaching. While the last leaves were falling from the trees, in a small sewing workshop, four tailors were soon to finish the last dresses ordered in advance by their best customers, to be worn during Christmas Eve. The four tailors with a cup of hot chocolate in their hands decorated with small marshmallows, were enjoying the satisfaction of having delivered punctually the items entrusted, and decided to take a break and share their thoughts on the meaning of Christmas.

The youngest tailor in charge of designs, was the first to speak. He said: “Christmas to me, looks like the pencil I use to draw the sketches of each one of the dresses, since it is the moment I take the time to elaborate and carefully sketch what I have done with my life in the course of the year, to get to the conclusion of what do I want to do with it for the next year.”

“Excellent,” said his companions.

Then, spoke the tailor in charge of cutting the cloth, he is a big man with a big heart.  He said: “Christmas to me looks like these scissors that I use every day, because when this time of the year comes, I decide to cut out everything that has caused me sadness or pain and to start a renewed and happy year.”

“Excellent,” said his companions.

The tailor in charge of the seams, raised his very long hand and spoke enthusiastically with a luminous smile that accompanies him at all times, and he said, “For me, Christmas is like this yarn that I use every day to sew the pieces of the dresses together, since it is a time in which we all join our families with great joy and a spirit of reconciliation.”

“Excellent,” said his companions.

Finally, the oldest tailor, who had started the workshop many years ago, and who is in charge of the systems for fastening and finishing the garments, stood in the middle of his companions, and taking a zipper between his hands, he said, “For me, the really important thing about Christmas is to open ourselves up to others through service, and to close ourselves off from hatred.  We must open ourselves up to compromise and close ourselves off from the doubt that poisons our hearts.  We must open ourselves up to construction and close ourselves off from destruction.  For me, said the wise old man, counting on the silence and attention of his colleagues and friends, “the closest thing to Christmas is a zipper because it leaves in our hands, and only in them, the possibility of opening ourselves up for renewal and improvement, or it leaves in our hands the possibility to continue to close ourselves off with the faults and laments of the past.  It is in our hands to open ourselves up to the changes our lives need.”

“Excellent,” said his companions, and all joined in a fraternal hug.

This Christmas story was written by Alejandro Llano Arango and Luis Fernando Chincilla Palacios from YKK Colombia S.A.S.