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Fundamental Behavior 2 – Be Vigilant About Safety

July 2, 2021
Author: YKK
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I joined YKK USA in 2000, coincidentally the same year I took on the sport of cycling. Since then, I have logged tens of thousands of miles riding multiple times per week.  As in our company, manufacturing plants and other facilities, cycling has inherent dangers. A few weeks ago, before a club ride and after a few announcements the ride leader said – “let’s roll and be safe!”  He did not go through an exhaustive list on how to cycle safely. Why? Because, like this week’s Fundamental Behavior, as cyclists we must know how to make cycling as safe as possible always. It’s expected.

This same fundamental principle applies whether you are at the office, plant, or at home. Do you know how to make your area as safe as possible? Are you aware of the safety protocols in your area?  As managers it is important that we review these with our teammates frequently and as employees it is our duty to understand and practice them always. It’s expected.

One of cycling’s three grand tours, the Tour the France, a cycling stage race that extends for 23 days is ongoing as you read this. You would think that with roads closed, marshals and police escorts everywhere would be safer for the riders. But in bike races inherent dangers are magnified due to high speed, high number of participants and fans. Whether on a club ride or racing crashes will happen and sometimes are unavoidable but many are caused by rider’s mistakes. Mistakes like losing focus, not being aware of the surroundings or taking shortcuts can take a rider down or worse, teammates.

Being vigilant about safety requires constant thinking and calculations and applies to not only at work but in every activity you perform. Remember high speed increases the inherent dangers. Slow down, for you and teammates.  It’s expected.

One more note about this year’s Tour de France, our regions is well represented with 10 riders from Colombia, 4 from USA, and 1 each from Canada, Costa Rica and Ecuador.

Edgardo Beltran
Director – Sales Operations
YKK (U.S.A.) Inc.