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YKK Fundamental Behavior 19 – Be Proactive

October 28, 2022
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Be Proactive

I think our fundamental behavior No. 19, BE PROACTIVE, contains a number of benefits or to put it another way, makes us avoid many difficulties in all the branches of our work and even personally. It invites us to see into the future because it foresees inconveniences through the solutions before they happen and enables us to move forward with a better march to reach the set goals. It is like tightening your shoelaces before the race begins. You can imagine what can happen to the runner in the middle of the race, if the shoelaces are not well fastened.

I believe in the saying “time is money,” that is, it is necessary to make the most of every minute to be producers or builders of the benefits for our life, for the company we represent, for our family, etc. In this way we can be effective in the CYCLE OF GOODNESS. Laying each brick in the construction counts, so that at the end we have a finished work and we go on to build other projects. Each day has a goal that in the end will give us as results each month. So here fits Fundamental Behavior 19, since being proactive will be the tool that will prevent us from returning to the beginning or in the middle of the race to correct something. Returning to correct something subtracts the valuable time and resources that we have to appreciate.

We can address issues in advance.

This part is like looking into the future and using the right tools to perform the task in a safer and more accurate way. We should be proactive and anticipate that everything can fit in a proper way in the prevention and anticipation of the facts.

In this we can see how a builder can be preventative in the execution of his work. For example, having personal protective equipment, using the right tools for their work, using a tape measure, leveler, and the right materials to lay each brick of the building—this will make the difference in the end.

However, if the builder is reactive, it can cost him his health, by not using protective equipment that is the equivalent of preventive measures. Being passive, he may make the decision that due to his acquired experience, he already has a mental calculation of how to build a wall without using the right tools, and he could perform the construction at the calculation of the human eye and this may be the beginning of a big mistake, which will cost valuable time and resources that could have been prevented by being active and not reactive.

Fundamental Behavior 19 invites us to acquire those tools of anticipation and prevention of errors that can be avoided. This is true in all the cycles of human life—we can take the attitude of picking up and throwing away garbage that you did not put there but that will make a difference at some point to the common good, making one’s own decisions based on appropriate behaviors that will be for the good of self and society. I personally want to take the attitude of the runner I wrote about at the beginning: anticipate and adjust my shoes well before starting the race every day.

Barick Gustavo Ramirez Ramirez
General Accountant
YKK El Salvador, Guatemala Branch