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Be an ambassador

June 15, 2020
Author: YKK
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I feel truly blessed to a part of the YKK Group.  Having joined YKK AP just prior to the YGM and annual budget meetings in November 2013, I was immediately indoctrinated into the breadth and width of what is YKK in the Americas.   Two years later, I had the honor to participate in the 25th anniversary celebration of YKK AP in Dublin, GA.  I tell you this because these occurrences left me with gratitude and respect for YKK.  I heard and I witnessed the “Cycle of Goodness” come to life.  As the different leaders presented and as local dignitaries spoke, the concern that YKK has for our customers, employees and society came across load and clear.

Also, these events left me with a sense of responsibility.  If I may digress, I grew up in a small town in Vermont with parents who owned their own business in town.  So I am well aware of the effects of my behavior.  It was the topic of conversations over many a dinner in our home.

I believe joining YKK AP and living in Dublin has revived that feeling of responsibility I had as a youth. Also, it has made me aware of the influence each of us have.  From hearing people along the St. Patrick Day parade route yell out “Hey, there is YKK’s float,” to them talking about the trees we planted, the river banks we cleaned up or the robot competitions we sponsored, I deeply feel the effects of how YKK has touched our community.

What does this have to do with being an ambassador?  I will end with a quote from that famous person, Forrest Gump, who uttered these words after meeting Lt. Dan for the first time in Vietnam: “I sure hope I don’t let him down.”  So I hope my behavior both at work and out in the community will leave others with a positive feeling about YKK and I don’t let you down.

Toby Gould
Vice President, Finance