Sports are fun, exciting and memorable events for everyone of all ages.  YKK North and Central America Group is proud to be a part of the athletes’ success by providing YKK® fastening products for the athletes’ uniforms.  No matter what sport you are playing, when you zip up the uniform, you are confident that your zipper will perform like a winner!  In addition to our high performing zipper products, YKK® branded snaps have been a long trusted front closure for team letter jackets that represent your personal achievement and support.

Q. I don't like it when my slider dangles when I am running in a race. Does YKK have a better slider to recommend?
A. We offer different varieties of sports related sliders and pull tabs that will not dangle. Please contact your local YKK® sales representative.
Q. Is there a proper sewing method for YKK® brand coil zippers?
A. The top extension(s) of a zipper tape should be bent at least 5mm apart from the first element. This procedure will prevent snagging and will allow for the proper spacing of the sew seam to the zipper's elements.
Q. What is the difference between plastic top stops and ordinary metal top stops?
A. The selection of a zipper with plastic top stops is highly recommended for infants/children's garments to prevent a zipper from scratching a child's skin.