Casual Jackets

A wide variety of casual jackets including knit hoodies, leather, fleece and kids jackets are made in North and Central America and sold in the U.S.  YKK North and Central America Group offers a broad assortment of fastening products to accommodate each jacket type.

We always consider the environment, the styling and any new potential developments when creating our line of zippers for the Outdoor Jacket industry.  Our selection includes a variety of material compositions, finishes, element sizes, and functional accessories.  Whether you are looking for a “bold look,” a “fashion statement,” the durability of metal, the lightweight option of VISLON® injection molded zippers, various size assortments, or new slider/pull selections, we have options to fit your needs.

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Q. What is the procedure for creating a slider with a customer logo?
A. Our customers provide us with their logo to go on the zipper pull. YKK's R&D department will then produce the artwork and a plastic sample for the customer to approve. Once the sample is approved, YKK will produce the slider.
Q. What other types of sliders does YKK offer in addition to metal sliders?
A. We make plastic and metal sliders with rubber pulls, and we offer fashionable and functional sliders and pulls. Ask a sales rep in each region.
Q. What size zipper does YKK recommend to use in jackets ?
A. We recommend the No.5 size zipper for any jacket type, but it depends on the fabric and garment type. If it's a light jacket or it is a kids jacket with small pockets, then we recommend the No.3 size zipper. On the other hand, if the jacket is made of a heavy fabric like leather, we recommend the No.10 size zipper. Ask Sales rep. or check our product data.