YKK North and Central America Group offers a wide variety of high-end, luxury fastening products including our EXCELLA® zipper for handbags.   Each one of the EXCELLA® zipper’s elements (teeth) have been polished to provide an opulent shine that will add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your end products.  YKK also manufactures a polished metal zipper with a shiny, bright surface.  This zipper’s splendid element variation is achieved by delicately shaving off the surface of its standard metal elements.



Q. What is the difference between the EXCELLA® zipper and a polished metal zipper?
A. The EXCELLA® zipper is our highest quality zipper. Each of its individual elements has been polished before being attached to the zipper tape. The polished metal zipper is basically the same quality as a standard metal zipper, but we delicately shave off the surface of the elements to make them shiny.
Q. How many colors do you offer for the polished metal zipper?
A. We offer eight colors.
Q. Should the shape of a bottom stop be square?
A. A bottom stop can be any shape as long as it is strong enough to hold the zipper tape.