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2020-04-20 Issue 143 – Fundamental Behavior 16 – Provide meaningful appreciation

April 20, 2020
Author: YKK
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Provide meaningful appreciation

We must begin by asking ourselves: What is meaningful appreciation? And why is it important to have it in the workplace? Then, we could say that meaningful appreciation is when we give value to someone or something.

Based on our environment, we find that employees who feel valued at work are more likely to stay with this organization, are more productive, and achieve more goals than someone who is not recognized or valued.

At the individual level, when we feel valued, we feel seen and more connected with the person who offered the praise, it makes us feel important, and it tells us that what we do and how we behave matters and stands out.

What’s beautiful about gratitude is that it benefits the person who gives as much as the person who receives it. When we feel appreciated, our well-being improves. We become more open and less stressed out, two important factors in the workplace.

Making gratitude a regular practice has become more popular in recent years. We could incorporate gratitude in our daily or weekly routines.

Always show yourself to be an excellent human being, who appreciates the good work of your colleagues, who appreciates what they do even if they make a mistake. Appreciating is not only talking about the good, but it is also advising when mistakes are made to correct them and learn from them.

However, we must understand that at the end of the day, showing meaningful appreciation is not just simply making someone else feel better. It’s about communicating to the members in your team that you value them for what they bring to the organization and who they are as people.

In general, the majority of us don’t say thank you or praise significantly. We spend too much time thinking and providing criticism to help others improve. Positive feedback is very important.

If we could include 15 minutes of “Express gratitude” as a weekly task in our life’s calendar and make showing gratitude a habit, it would be useful to make time each week to do so. Let’s use this time to write an email or a meaningful note, prepare comments for an upcoming meeting or show appreciation for a colleague. You can also show appreciation for the people who are not in your team. If you recognize someone from another department, make sure to contact their supervisor.

Be prepared to give meaningful positive comments, give thanks and offer compliments, so that, at the minimum, your colleague will listen to your appreciation at least once a month.

Ricardo Rapalo
Sales & Marketing Manager
YKK Honduras S.A.