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2020-03-30 Issue 140 – Fundamental Behavior 13 – Be a team player

March 30, 2020
Author: YKK
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Being born and raised in metro-Atlanta, I am a die-hard Atlanta sports fan.  For me, the professional teams that I root for are the Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Braves, and the Atlanta United.  Unfortunately, I’ve had an abundance of heartbreak at the end of seasons.  Some seasons are much more painful than others (don’t dare mention 28-3 to me) with a couple of championship seasons along my journey.  I sometimes ponder why I put myself through the endless misery that seems to conclude most seasons.  My usual conclusion is that I enjoy watching the competition as long as I see the players giving it their best.

This week’s Fundamental Behavior, “Be a Team Player,” is another behavior that all of us can actuate every day.  Being a team player is much more than a player being on a team.  To me, it means being selfless and using all of the God-given talents you have to help the team meet the defined goals.  In sports, sometimes the star of the team goes down due to injury only to see his or her back-up go out and shine.  As the former star, one could sit on the bench in despair and anger that such a tragedy has happened.  But the best team players don’t sit on the bench.  Rather, they rally and motivate other members on the sidelines with words of encouragement.  They re-channel their passion to become a strong presence on the sideline that pushes others to be their best.

All of us have talents that we use at work and at home.  In order to achieve our business goals, we need to tap into all of our talents while we also encourage and motivate each other to do the same.  When I interview potential candidates for open positions, some candidates ask why I have stayed with YKK AP America for 27 years.  There are a few reasons and I won’t cover all of them today (there are many).  But one of them is because of the people I work with every day and the amazing talent we have all around us.  We have such an amazing group of employees.  I love coming to work each day and being a part of this team as we make our company even greater.  Let’s continue to fight off the urge to be complacent and strive to make a difference each day.  We can achieve great things with the amazing talent that is within each associate.

As we all work together to navigate the COVID-19 climate, I encourage you to share a talent that you have with your team members and discuss how you leverage it in your daily life.  I believe that by discussing our talents with each other, we can accomplish three things:

  • Reinforce our genuine commitment to leverage our talents each day;
  • Show support and respect for each other as we encourage each other to do our best;
  • Become a bright light by not staying in the shadows – let your talent shine!

Let’s support each other and create a great team environment in all areas of our business.  If we do this, our company will continue to prosper, which will create benefit for us all!

Mike Turner
Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing
YKK AP America Inc.