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2020-03-16 Issue 138 – Fundamental Behavior 11 – Innovate

March 16, 2020
Author: YKK
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When we stop to think about how to innovate, the majority of the time our mind leads us to think about big changes or big things, but in the dictionary the definition of “innovate” is to introduce new things to create change, meaning that small changes can make a big difference.

But then, why is it so difficult to think about innovating? There might not be a single answer; perhaps it could be fear of failure since there’s no way to innovate without failing. It could be that in some cases innovating would mean destroying something that already exists and that is not easy for us. However, if we see it through our own life experiences, we are constantly innovating, for example, when we learned how to ride a bike, fall after fall we found a way to introduce new things in order to do it firmly. Just as we speak, every day we have a new word in our vocabulary, that is, an innovation in our way of speaking.

If we see it from that perspective we are experts at innovating and it’s our fear of the new that stops us and doesn’t allow us to think differently. However, everyday life challenges us to innovate, such is the case of plastic, a product with a history dating back to 1600 B.C. and today we have to think about how to reinvent it to reduce its environmental impact.

So this Behavior not only reminds us that to be successful we have to think that everything can be improved or “innovated,” but also that to do so we shouldn’t be afraid of failure just like one of our Core Values states.

Maria Echeverri
General Manager