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2020-03-09 Issue 137 – Fundamental Behavior 10 – Be process driven

March 9, 2020
Author: YKK
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The great accomplishments in arts, sciences, social accomplishments, and civilization growth have been the result of long processes. Basically, our entire civilization rests upon the basis of thousands of years of processes. Unfortunately, there is a strong tendency nowadays to oversimplification that could impact our businesses, accomplishments, and our lives. This oversimplification could be dangerous, as we run the risk of having no foundation or being less thoughtful in our decisions.

YKK has been built on years upon years of making careful decisions in order to have the successful company we now have, and that would have been impossible to reach with an oversimplified mindset.  Such decisions can be easily understood as a cycle of processes that allowed the company to move forward. We must understand that our decisions do not exist in isolation; the nature of things in general responds to a universal principle of union or relatedness. When we think in terms of processes, we must educate ourselves to see that our decisions do not gravitate independently by their own reasoning and to carefully consider how they will resonate in all the processes that existed before and all the coming ones in the future.

Being process oriented also means having integrity because a process oriented mentality implicates congruency between the selected actions and the whole environment so we do not break the flux that makes things move forward and progress.

The lesson of this Fundamental Behavior is that change should be an ordered activity, and being process driven means pursuing a high standard and quality in our decisions, our administration, and our products to better serve our clients, employees, and society.

Marco Baratta
Human Resources Manager &
Compliance Officer