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2020-02-17 Issue 134 – Fundamental Behavior 7 – Clarify expectations then respond quickly

February 17, 2020
Author: YKK
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Market conditions affecting our business are rapidly changing. Technological innovation, globalization, and the diversification of customer requirements make it difficult to achieve consistent results. This constant change generates healthy discomfort in the status quo and requires us to detect new trends faster than the competition, make quick decisions, and seek new ways of doing business. For our organization to be successful, we must always have the mindset towards continual improvements.

When thinking about “organizational change,” we tend to focus on improving physical structures. However, we will not fully achieve our objectives without committed employees who function as a coherent team.

Let’s take the SCM team I lead as an example. When I was in the main office, away from logistics employees, it was difficult to clarify expectations and respond quickly. Being blessed with a functional team of co-workers, I set up an office in the warehouse to work closely with our logistics employees. As employee engagement grew, “organizational change” began to take shape.

The iron and steel king, Andrew Carnegie, engraved this on his tombstone: “Here Lies a Man Who Knew How to Enlist in His Service Better Men Than Himself.” It makes sense that our YKK founder, Mr. Tadao Yoshida, was impressed with Andrew Carnegie’s philosophy.

I don’t believe that there is a better recipe for organizational success than employee engagement. Here are my messages to SCM employees.

  • Share the vision and goals,
  • Encourage teamwork,
  • Create a healthy work environment, and
  • Give positive feedback

Kozue Childress
Director – Supply Chain Management
YKK (U.S.A.) Inc.