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2020-02-10 Issue 133 – Fundamental Behavior 6 – Lead by Example

February 10, 2020
Author: YKK
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Why is “Leading by Example” so important? Because like it or not, you are ALWAYS leading others by example!

Our behaviors are a result of many factors, including how we were influenced by others.  We, in turn, help shape or modify the behaviors of people around us by our behaviors and actions.  It is difficult to measure the total impact we can have on others’ lives, but know for a fact that we do.  Each one of us has influenced someone’s behaviors, decisions, or responses in one way or another.

Leading by example is only good if you are setting a good example.   A parent who tells a child to stop doing something yet engages in similar behavior will not have much success!  The child will ultimately end up emulating the parent’s behavior.

It’s not that different at work; leaders influence others daily. If I gave you an impassioned speech about how important working safely is, yet I violated safety rules myself, then how much impact would my speech have?  Probably none!  My behavior just trumped anything I may have told you about the importance of safety, and it became obvious to you that it’s really not that important … at least not to me!

LEADERS MUST WALK THE TALK:  If you walk by a piece of trash and never bother to pick it up, then I hope you are not expecting others to do it!  If you are always preaching teamwork but never lend a hand, don’t get mad when no one helps you.  If you start meetings with our fundamental behaviors but don’t set a good example, you are wasting your time!

How you act matters. It matters because people around you will be influenced by it.  That influence, positive or negative, tends to stick around, so make sure you are always leading by setting a GOOD, POSITIVE example.

Khaled El-Zeaiter
Director – Human Resources & Safety
Tape Craft Corporation