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2019-12-16 Issue 127 – Fundamental Behavior 25 – Be positive

December 13, 2019
Author: YKK
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The descriptive for this week’s Fundamental Behavior, “Be Positive,” is exactly right. “You have the power to choose your attitude.”  Our lives are constantly changing, and for sure the circumstances of each day may not always be pleasant or motivating, but how positively we approach each day or individual circumstance is a conscious choice.

As leader of the NCA Fastening Group, I am often faced with unfavorable business conditions, a customer complaint or management event that may be difficult or highly stressful for me and those supporting me.  It can easy to give in to these moments by complaining, venting frustrations, making negative comments or passing blame. However, reacting in these ways never changes our circumstances or makes them better.  In fact, these types of responses are usually demoralizing and damaging to our work and home environments. During difficult times, I try to choose to project a more positive attitude.  It does not mean that I ignore the concerns and problems, but in displaying a positive attitude, I can help promote a more encouraging environment that not only benefits those around me, but also helps me reshape the context of how I look at a situation and provides me a more positive and optimistic viewpoint.

Another key benefit of having a positive attitude and outlook is the impact it has on your health.  The author and mental health expert, Tamela Duncan, wrote how our emotions not only impact our joy, but they also impact our health.   An improved mental outlook can actually reduce your risk of coronary disease.  Ongoing stress and negative attitude has been found to cause thickening of the carotid artery walls.  People with negative thought patterns have greater sleep issues, wake feeling tired, even grumpy and are more prone to small illnesses and have higher incidences of depression.

Your overall mental attitude will affect your quality of life, so why not choose an optimistic one?  A positive attitude is the fuel that keeps us active, engaged, curious, hopeful and determined.  These are also the characteristics that each of us needs for an emotionally happy and successful life.

This year most of our fastening companies are facing difficult market conditions and are struggling to meet their sales and profit goals.  It could be easy to be discouraged.  But when I consider how each of our company’s teams are working together to improve our operations, products and support to our customers, it is hard to not be positive and optimistic about each of our NCA company’s future.

I encourage you to choose to be positive.  It will not change negative or bad circumstances, but when practiced consistently, it has the power to change perspectives and provide optimism, hope and a sense that you can prevail and overcome.


John Smith
Fastening Business Leader