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2019-11-25 Issue 124 – Fundamental Behavior 22 – Take pride in our appearance

November 25, 2019
Author: YKK
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We are a manufacturing company.

I often hear that good manufacturing is impossible if the manufacturing site is dirty. I personally have come across scenes within YKK factories about which one could say this. I still clearly remember one of the employees in one plant saying, “The reason employees don’t care if the manufacturing site is dirty is because they are only thinking of the factory as a workplace. If we only think that we are being forced to work, then we can’t make good products. If your home is dirty, no one can live happily, so we clean up our homes in order to make them more enjoyable. Let’s think of our workplaces as our homes, treat them the same way, and make good products in a beautiful factory.”

Even if you say, “Think about your workplace and your home in the same way,” not everyone will suddenly feel that way. However, it is possible to reduce the distance between the workplace and the home, and it is the workplace environment that makes this possible. We believe that creating such an environment is one of the major responsibilities of leaders, managers and supervisors. In particular, YKK is a company that values the workplace environment for all employees. And it is our company values and behaviors that help us to accomplish this.

Thinking of your workplace like your own home means having an attachment to the company, to the workplace, and to the products. And if you can feel like the workplace is your own home, you will naturally start to think that you should keep your working environment clean even if you are not ordered to clean or organize. Only then will we be able to provide products that will please and satisfy our customers.

I would like to create an environment where everyone in the company can think of their workplace as if it were their own home, and create products that can be proudly offered to customers.

Gary Tsuge
General Manager
YKK El Salvador