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2019-10-28 Issue 120 – Fundamental Behavior 18 – Take ownership

October 28, 2019
Author: YKK
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At first glance, “Take Ownership. Take personal responsibility for making things happen” seems to indicate people who are good at leadership and can face difficult things. In addition, you imagine someone who is positive, sets high goals, is charismatic and attracts people, is wide-ranging, thinks flexibly, has a strong sense of responsibility, is dynamic, and is strong willed. But how many great people have all that? I don’t think there are so many, even if you look all around. I know I’m not that way, having just an ordinary personality and ability. So I would like to talk about the small ways that I am consciously practicing “Take Ownership.”

There are two main things that I have been aware of since becoming a member of YKK AP America. One is to take pride in your work and be confident in yourself.

Whatever your role, your current job is meaningful. As NCA Group companies already have a long history, our current work is based on the knowledge and experience accumulated by our predecessors. I think it is important to add my own knowledge and experience as an improvement and to pass it on to my successor. I don’t have a particularly special job, but I feel that having pride and taking responsibility are connected to my confidence.

The second is having curiosity. Do you understand the meaning of your work and the meaning of the numbers? Do you have work that cannot be explained to others or numerical values that do not make sense? The same is true for numbers received from others. By trying to understand them with a bit of interest, you will be able to take one step from your “box” and knock on your neighbor’s door. There is no need for great courage or action.

Taking the initiative does not just mean dealing with issues that are particularly difficult or large. No matter how small the matter, it is important to take a step, do what you can do, have interest and pay attention.

Take one step with confidence in your work and in yourself!

Hiroyuki Sawada
Corporate Planning
YKK AP America