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2019-10-14 Issue 118 – Fundamental Behavior 16 – Provide meaningful appreciation

October 14, 2019
Author: YKK
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Provide meaningful appreciation

Every day, we are working towards achieving our plan. There are many challenges as we work towards achieving that plan. Challenges at the time of planning, unexpected challenges, challenges that can be solved immediately, challenges that should be addressed over the long term, challenges that are high difficulty but also high priority, challenges that cannot be solved without collaborating with other departments, etc.

But what you can do on your own is limited. A step taken together with your colleagues, with your entire department, or with your entire organization is far bigger than a step taken on your own. In order for the entire organization to take that step, I think we need to work on the same trajectory. I believe that taking the same step as an organization with the same trajectory will improve the skills of the entire organization, increase our competitiveness, improve customer satisfaction, and achieve the plan.

When you work with your colleagues, your department, or your organization, there’s no guarantee that everything will go smoothly, and sometimes things don’t work out. In such cases, I think that the key to success is to express gratitude to your colleagues, your department, other departments, and the entire organization that is supporting you in the challenge, rather than wavering between hope and despair. That’s because mutual gratitude becomes motivation to work towards the next success without giving up, is a big step towards success, and will benefit customers. As our Core Value says, “Do not fear failure; experience builds success.”

I have a son who participates in a local baseball travel team. There is a game every weekend during the fall season. In order to win, I think it is necessary for each team member to be motivated while helping each other, without forgetting to show mutual gratitude. If they can do this, they will be motivated for the next challenge and eventually achieve results.

Let’s believe that and continue to work as a member of our organization together with our colleagues, our departments, and other departments every day!

Thank you all for your support as one team!

Hiromi (Hank) Kawano
YKK AP America Inc.
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