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2019-09-30 Issue 116 – Fundamental Behavior 14 – Invest in relationships

September 30, 2019
Author: YKK
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As I reflected on what to write about Fundamental Behavior 14, “Invest in Relationships,” I spent weeks trying to find some snappy life experiences in relationship building to put into this article; unfortunately I could not find one!

So where could I find some meaningful message or knowledge to share on the topic of relationship building with everyone?

One day, I was sitting in my office, glancing at my book shelf, and saw a book, “The Super Supervisor.” Then what came to mind was a training program I experienced many years by Mildred Ramsey on relationship building.

Mildred was not a motivational speaker or MBA in Communications, but an average working person who spent 30 years as an hourly associate in a South Carolina textile mill.

She became well known for her part in fending off an attempt to organize a union in the textile mill where she worked. She did this by helping Management see gaps, from her actual experience, of how management was treating their employees, and how they could change by practicing some very simple behaviors. This approach ultimately transformed the company work culture and launched her into a consulting career at the age of 60.

This quote from her will help you understand who Mildred was: “I don’t have a college degree and I was never in management,’’ she said. Her education came in the “School of Hard Knocks” with an emphasis on hard work, “Something my mother taught me.’’

So what was her magic on how to improve relationships between management and associates?

It was the 7 Cs. The investment in practicing the 7 Cs actively every day enriched her as a person and strengthened her ability to build many lasting relationships both personally and professionally.

I hope you enjoy these simple, but powerful Cs! (Click here)

If you don’t already practice them, give them a try and see how they will help your relationship building skills. It can’t hurt!


Greg Hultquist
VP of Manufacturing