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2019-09-16 Issue 114 – Fundamental Behavior 12 – Seek improvement in everything

September 16, 2019
Author: YKK
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A few  years  ago (not many), I started working in one of the largest banks in Colombia as an assistant controller. This was the job I was targeting when I was in college. After a few years, I understood that to move forward in my career I needed to offer something else to the bank. After some research, I realized that at the time many of the big companies were starting businesses in the United States and Europe and that employees who spoke English had a better future within  those  companies to help with these expansions. That’s when I decide to learn English, which was a new language to me. I sold everything I owned and moved to the United States. I didn’t know it then, but I was already practicing one of YKK’s Core Values, “Do not fear failure.” Once I was in the country, I learned basic English and decided to enroll  in an MBA program to continue improving myself. I knew that adding diverse skills to my resume would make finding a better job easier.

Now that I’m working at YKK, I have the opportunity to see and analyze processes from different companies within the NCA Group. I’ve also had the opportunity to be part of teams where the emphasis is not only on the improvement of processes, but also in saving costs associated with those processes. It’s very gratifying to see that the results create a positive impact in the company. Let’s always remember to practice our Fundamental Behavior “Seek improvement in everything.” If we don’t improve what we are today (personally and professionally), we will always be what we were in the past, and we will always keep wondering, “Who moved my cheese?”


Gabe Cardenas
Director, Internal Audit
YKK Corporation of America