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2019-08-26 Issue 111 – Fundamental Behavior 9 – Honor commitments

August 26, 2019
Author: YKK
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This is a behavior which we must truly understand. Whenever we make a deal or we commit to perform a certain task, it is very important to comply, since that creates trust. When we fail or we do not comply with what we agreed upon, this important link is broken and it is more complicated to win it again.

As part of the culture of our countries in Latin America and especially in Mexico, we are very used to saying “white lies” especially at  work, like “I will send you the information shortly,” “You will have the report on your desk in five minutes,” “I will give you what you are asking me by tomorrow for sure.” And we forget that these types of promises create expectations and commitments. So in order to change, we must think before making a commitment that we can´t fulfill. It is better to clarify with the person making the request that we will take more time and that the date we give is realistic to avoid misunderstandings.

I have had the opportunity to work with people from other countries such as Japan, USA, and Germany and I have seen how when working with us Latin Americans, they have a hard time understanding this type of situation.  It’s normal for us to commit to something knowing that it will take longer and to deliver it outside of the agreed time or way after the due date. People from other countries don’t see this the same way and they make the assumption that we are all the same and distrust our judgment. That is why we must be clear with ourselves and our colleagues and understand that if we commit to something, we should be honest regarding the expectations in order to break with those stereotypes. A job that is not delivered on time can have many consequences: it can disrupt a sale, upset a client, stop an entire production line and cause the company to be fined or even lose an important client due to the type of culture.

Telling the truth and keeping our promises can help create trust.

Rodrigo Ambriz
HR Director
YKK Mexicana S.A. DE C.V.