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2019-07-08 – Fundamental Behavior 2 – Be Vigilant About Safety

July 8, 2019
Author: YKK
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The health and safety of each employee is our first priority. We have policies and work instructions to help ensure that tasks are being done safely, but to be best in class and ensure no one is hurt, we must take this to the next level. Every employee has a responsibility to themselves and to their co-workers to hold each other accountable for safe work practices.

For this to occur we must create positive, productive work cultures where everyone is treated with trust, respect, and dignity. Open and honest communication is essential. If the work environment is cutthroat, demeaning, or dismissive then team members will be “on-guard,” awaiting the next frustrating interaction with managers or colleagues. In this environment it is almost impossible to have everyone working together and watching out for the well-being and safety of all team members.

Personally we can perform good housekeeping to ensure our areas are safe places to conduct our daily tasks. We must be aware when starting non-routine tasks. A lot of accidents occur when we undertake new activities and we must take extra caution. Please stop and take a moment to think about what could happen and then prepare well before beginning these tasks.

As a team we must watch out for each other. If you see someone without their personal protective equipment (PPE), please take a second to remind them. If someone is working in an unsafe manner, stop and assist them in making their work safe. Most importantly, when addressed by a co-worker, remember that person is concerned for your safety. Don’t be defensive or resist assistance. There is no room in our company for dangerous egos or a lack of courtesy towards each other. If we are watching out for each other and ourselves then we can create a better safety culture for all.

The companies in the NCA region have improved tremendously over the past few midterms due to our positive environments, open communication, and the desire of our employees to remain vigilant about safety. Let’s continue this positive trend!!!!!

Aza Shumate
Director, Corporate Operations and Manufacturing
YKK (U.S.A.) Inc. Snap and Button Products