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2019-06-17 Issue 101 – Fundamental Behavior 24 – Be an ambassador

June 16, 2019
Author: YKK
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In order to “Be an Ambassador,” let’s see what an ambassador is based on the Dictionary by Merriam-Webster.  “Ambassador” is defined as “a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity or organization.”  This definition refers to the verb “act,” but an action can be simply wearing a YKK shirt, jacket or badge.  Sometimes we take this for granted and don’t remember that others see the YKK logo and will make determinations about our company based on our actions while wearing the YKK brand.  These determinations can be good if we are caught in the act of helping someone or promoting our company in conversation.  But remember, it can also be negative if we are observed an act of negative nature.  Some examples could be road rage, improper disposal of trash, and even negative conversations.

I was given the opportunity by Robert Stamps many years ago to give the YKK company history presentation to our customers during their visits to Macon.  At the time, this opportunity made me very nervous and reluctant.  Then I thought, “What better story is there to tell and what story do I know more about than YKK history?”  We work for a company that has sound Core Values, Management Principles, and Fundamental Behaviors.  I know that while I was presenting to customers in this capacity, they were seeing me as an ambassador for YKK.  The presentation I was using, the words I was saying, and the answers I was giving were very important in this setting.  The customer was getting a sense of YKK through this communication and it was my opportunity to show my pride and passion about YKK.

As the Behavior description says, we benefit from the YKK Group image as well.  Our customers want to work with a company that has a positive image and has employees who are engaged with the company, each other, and the communities where we live and serve.  To be this company and keep this image, each one of us has a responsibility to carry out this Behavior with energy and excitement.  We have so many awesome people in this NCA group and I am in awe of the videos I have seen from each one of the NCA companies.  Please take some time to review them at https://ykkamericas.com and make your own.  Jessica and Patricia would love to post yours too!

Being An Ambassador is like a spark that lights a fire.  Let’s light a fire within each one of our locations and communities to show off our great company and people.

Lee Smith
Vice President – Manufacturing Operations
YKK (U.S.A.) Inc.