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2019-06-10 Issue 100 – Fundamental Behavior 23 – Give back

June 9, 2019
Author: YKK
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Our Fundamental Behavior this week instructs us to express gratitude for the help we’ve been given by reaching out and helping others. Jim Reed asked me to prepare this message to all of us during the 2018 Thanksgiving Holiday season. All of us enjoyed this season of time to reflect on how we have been blessed materially, as well as spiritually, and to enjoy a time of priceless fellowship with our families and friends. As we consider this week’s behavior of “Giving Back” almost six months have passed. So let’s all reflect again on how you and I have been blessed. I am blessed to have numerous family members, teachers, friends and colleagues in the past that have guided me. But I am especially thankful today for my current friends and colleagues at YKK who help me daily in my struggles and mentor me in my activities at YKK USA. Let me say first to all of you: THANK YOU!

Alex Gregory stated, “Each of us feels an instinctive need to give back.” I firmly believe that instinct was endowed to us by our Creator, who teaches us, “To whom much is given, much is required.” We have wonderful jobs, wonderful families, wonderful friends, and so many more material blessings. Therefore, much is required of us. So let us reflect on the numerous ways we can fulfill that requirement by “Giving Back.” Giving back can encompass not only financial giving, but giving of our time and our talents to those who are less fortunate.

Financially, the YKK USA Team gives back through your generous support of The United Way and the YKK Employee Assistance Fund. Many of us support worthy charities such as The Salvation Army, Samaritan’s Purse, Meals on Wheels, local food banks, and local fund raisers for those affected by recent natural disasters. Thank you for your generosity!

Time wise, thank you for your tireless volunteer participation in the local Recycling Days, Rivers Alive clean up days, and other organized community events. But I thank you more for those behind the scenes activities, when you assist the elderly and the shut-ins, visit the nursing homes, and minister to the homeless and the needy, especially when no one else may be watching. Many of you volunteer selflessly to help children in foster care. Our local CASA program constantly pleads for additional volunteers to help children from broken homes.

Talent wise, the opportunities to “Give Back” are innumerable. Opportunities abound in our educational system to tutor remedial students that need extra help and encouragement. Most students are successful but could use someone to guide and mentor them with college and career advice. Many of you are gifted athletes and can impart life lessons regarding team work, sportsmanship, humility and manners through volunteer coaching of youth in organized sports. Consider mentoring a young couple in the process of creating and managing a household budget. One of the leading causes of family discord is financial disagreements on how to allocate limited resources.
When you “Give Back,” I can promise you from experience that the person benefitting the most is the person you face in the mirror!

David Smith
Vice President – Research & Development Center
YKK (U.S.A.) Inc.