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2019-05-06 Fundamental Behavior 95 – Issue 18 – Take ownership

May 6, 2019
Author: YKK
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A strong “sense of ownership” is essential to showing initiative and taking responsibility. Today I would like to think about this “sense of ownership.”

A “sense of ownership” is one of the following three important types of awareness:

(1) Problem awareness:  A state where we always keep our attention on the environment surrounding us, assessing whether there are any problems or changes.

(2) Crisis awareness:  A state of detecting problems and threats that are currently occurring.

(3) Sense of ownership: A state in which one is prepared to act responsibly in order to solve a problem or threat that has occurred.

If you don’t have problem awareness, you don’t notice the existence of a problem and cannot have crisis awareness. In addition, since you cannot understand the size and depth of the problem without having a sense of crisis, you cannot have a sense of ownership or know what specific action you should take. In other words, I believe that the mindset to “seek problem solving” that emerges from a sense of crisis gives rise to a “sense of ownership” that you have to change the situation.

Next, let’s consider the sense of ownership and the sense of responsibility. A sense of ownership is “the awareness that you are directly related to the matter,” and the sense of responsibility is the “awareness that you must complete your role.” People who don’t have a sense of ownership are not always aware of their role, so it will not blossom into a sense of responsibility.

So what are the behaviors that lead to a sense of ownership? The first one is to think that it is your responsibility, not “someone’s” responsibility. The second is to finish the process to the end. The third is to take action. I think these behaviors are not just personal issues, but also lead to strong enthusiasm among team members towards achieving their goals.

Being or not being aware is a big factor in developing a sense of ownership. If you notice things, then the behavior changes. It just takes some time to notice.

I will continue to work on my own growth and stronger team spirit, keeping in mind the “three types of awareness” above.

Tomo Kato
Vice President
YKK AP America Inc.