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2018-08-27 Issue 65 Fundamental Behavior 10 Be Process-Driven

February 19, 2019
Author: YKK
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Processes are everywhere in both our personal lives and YKK. We would have chaos in both without good processes. Imagine customer orders, supplier orders, manufacturing, product development, product selling prices, product costing, hazardous waste disposal, safety, logistics, information technology, accounting, human resources, etc. without any procedures/rules. It would not be pretty. Companies that develop the best processes and execute those processes effectively will have a competitive advantage over other companies in their industry.

Developing good processes and executing those processes correctly results in many benefits to YKK, including consistent, efficient, and on-time delivery of quality products and services to our customers (both external and internal customers), which will yield sustainable customer loyalty. It will also result in enhanced employee morale when employees have clear, efficient, and repeatable processes to follow that allow them to be successful. Well documented processes also provide for the transfer of knowledge from employees that retire, transfer, or find other jobs to new employees, which will provide a smoother transition and result in greater job satisfaction. So it is important to not only have good processes, but those processes need to be well documented instead of in someone’s head only.

Being Process-Driven is closely linked to many of our other Fundamental Behaviors. “Make Customers a Priority” – processes should always be customer-focused. “Clarify Expectations” – processes provide rules by which we are expected to operate. “Make Quality Personal” – properly executed processes are essential to producing quality products and services. “Be a Team Player” – other departments within YKK are dependent on you properly executing the processes with your department. “Be Vigilant about Safety” and “Protect the Environment” – properly executed processes are necessary to reduce risks of injury and avoid damage to our environment. “Innovate,” “Be Proactive,” “Be a Life Long Learner,” and “Seek Improvement in Everything” – due to changes in customer requirements, technology, regulations, competition, etc., we need to constantly implement new processes, eliminate processes that are no longer value-added, and tweak current processes to meet these changes. “Pay Attention to the Details” – processes are good only if they are followed so we need to stay focused and execute the processes as intended.

Good processes executed effectively are the foundation of YKK’s and your success. We benefit our customers, employees, and society by including better processes in our work routines. YKK’s employees have developed and implemented many good processes, but changing requirements from customers and others require us to constantly evaluate our processes. So let’s continue to look for better processes that will produce results exceeding the expectations of our customers (both external and internal). Ask yourself, is there a better process for completing this task and are there any processes I do that should be eliminated because they no longer add value.


Keith Meyer
Vice President & Treasurer
YKK Corporation of America