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2018-08-20 Issue 64 Fundamental Behavior 9 Honor Commitments

February 19, 2019
Author: YKK
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Successful relationships are built on a foundation of trust and respect. One of the best ways to build this foundation is by doing what we say we will do: “Honor Commitments.” We all recognize the importance of honoring commitments, but in actual practice many of us struggle and know we can do better.

I struggle with this myself, often finding that I have allowed a request or task from others to sidetrack me from the priorities I have set and commitments I have already made. This results in having to work either later than planned, at night after dinner, or during the weekend. All which results in failing to honor commitments I have made for personal time to my family and myself.

Often we fail to honor commitments in seemingly small ways that have, over time, become our normal behavior. Not returning that customer’s phone call that you committed to do, coming to a meeting without the information you committed to share, showing up late for your 10:00 customer appointment, or arriving ten minutes late for an internal meeting are just a few ways we do this. All of these erode the trust that others have for us and for our word. They begin to see us as unreliable and maybe untrustworthy. Instead, our words should be our bond, our commitment to be honored.

Let’s serve others by honoring our commitments. Clarify expectations and the agreed upon deliverables and deadlines upfront. Be proactive when you see a commitment can’t be fulfilled on time. Communicate the delay upfront and how long it will really take. These are all positive ways to honor commitments and build trust, transparency and respect for ourselves and the YKK brand.

I am sure that with practice, the Fundamental Behavior “Honor Commitments” will bring you greater satisfaction and joy in the things you do, especially when you are free of the stress and anxiety caused by unmet obligations and past due promises.

John Smith
Fastening Business Leader