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2018-08-13 Issue 63 Fundamental Behavior 8 Make Customers A Priority

February 19, 2019
Author: YKK
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Customers and employees represent two of the three pillars of YKK’s Core Values. Striving to meet and exceed their changing needs and expectations enables us to become better business partners for our customers, provide an enhanced environment and preferred place of work for our employees, and in turn contribute more to our local communities and society.

At YKK we spend a lot of time each day talking about our customers and their needs. This is rightfully so, as ultimately, it is our customer’s response that is the true measure in determining our success today and into the future. Improving our customer’s experience is an on-going initiative that we will never neglect. While we always think about our external customers, let’s not neglect the daily needs of our internal customers either.

This week’s Fundamental Behavior is “Make Customers a Priority.” Our external customers have many priorities, from the timeliness of our communication response to on-time delivery and meeting their expected levels of quality. They are concerned about price and order correctness. Is the labeling correct? Are the correct shipping and technical documents attached? So many details that we must to pay attention to, but all important if we are to enhance our level of customer satisfaction and customer experience.

I want to challenge each of you to think about who your customer is and what their needs are. Especially your internal customers. How can you better serve them? Set aside what is easy or the way you have always done things and really consider and place your customer’s perspectives and needs ahead of your own. How can you serve each other in a way that improves customer experience and satisfaction? The sooner you recognize your customer’s point of view and provide products and experiences that reflect their needs, the more successful all of us will be.

In doing so, I am confident that we will see and feel a positive change in our work environment with increased engagement by coworkers and greater satisfaction in our on work. The sincerity of our relationships at work and the willingness to support others can be contagious and lead to a positive company culture we will all enjoy and want to continue to be a part of.

All our customers are important, but this week, let’s focus and ask ourselves, “Am I looking after my internal customers?” and “What can I do to help them?” As Richard Branson, Chairman of Virgin Group, said, “If you look after your internal customers you don’t have to worry about your external customers.” Each of us is an extension of the YKK brand, and as the most powerful representation of our brand, how we work together will build on our foundation for how we further grow and enhance our brand reputation and workplace experience.


John Smith
YKK (U.S.A.) Inc. and Fastening Business Leader