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2018-02-26 Issue 36 Fundamental Behavior 9 Honor Commitments

February 19, 2019
Author: YKK
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The meeting was scheduled to start at 8:30 a.m. It was a large YKK Group meeting. It was my first one and I was eager to set a good example. I wanted to make sure I was there early and I figured 30 minutes was plenty of time (that was my first mistake). I pulled up to the building at 8:00 a.m. and the parking lot was full! Everyone else was already there. I frantically looked at the schedule to confirm the meeting did indeed start at 8:30. Since the parking lot was full, I had to park very far away, which only made me less early. I did not get into the meeting until 8:15. EVERYONE else was already there, waiting for me. I know this because they started the meeting as soon as I sat down. No one yelled at me for only being 15 minutes early, but the message was clear, at YKK, if you are on time, then you are late. Lesson learned.

I believe that all of us want to please those around us. We want others to like us and feel they can trust and rely on us. But we all have failed to meet our commitments at one time or another. We get overloaded and things simply do not get done or fall off the list or get stuck on the bottom of our pile. There a hundreds of exercises and programs you can use to better fulfill your commitments. I hope you are using one or two that work for you and that you will share any good ones with me.

That gets me back to the YKK ethos of showing up early. It is more than just a funny YKK cultural curiosity. It is an example of how we honor each other. Getting there early (and thereby ensuring you will be ready to start on time) is a simple but extremely powerful habit. For one, it allows you to accomplish more because others are not wasting time waiting for you. Most importantly, it tells those you are meeting with that they are important and that you respect them. They, in turn, will like and respect you more. That, in my opinion, is an appropriate way to honor the Cycle of Goodness.


Jim Reed
YKK Corporation of America