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2018-02-19 Issue 35 Fundamental Behavior 8 Make Customers A Priority

February 19, 2019
Author: YKK
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We are a great business made up of great people doing great things for the community and the world. Still, we are a business, and as a business, we need customers. Since customers always have choices, we need for them to choose to do business with us. We do so many things right to make sure our customers love us and our products that I cannot highlight just one. We have outstanding quality, service, and delivery. We treat our customers more than fairly because we know how important they are. These things are built into who we are and that makes me very proud. I think we will do even better in the future as we keep this fundamental behavior at the top of our minds and if we look for opportunities to create incredible customer service stories.

Here is one such story. Bungie Studios, the maker of the popular Halo computer games, received a letter from a nine year old boy’s father in 2013 explaining how his son was going to be in the hospital to get a liver transplant over the Christmas holidays and that he would miss out on playing the newly released version of Halo.

The Halo team responded by making the boy a custom Halo helmet and delivering it and other Halo items on Christmas day!

Was it worth the trouble? The pictures say it all.

Our customers may not be nine year old boys in hospitals, but they are all just as important to us as this boy was to Bungie Studios. Please look for opportunities to create our next great customer service story. And when you do, shoot me an email, I would love to hear about it!


Jim Reed
YKK Corporation of America