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2018-02-05 Issue 33 Fundamental Behavior 6 Lead By Example

February 19, 2019
Author: YKK
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You are the first one in each morning. You are the last one to leave each night. You work hard and you get things done. You always have time to listen, and, if absolutely necessary, talk. You follow all the company rules, even if no one is checking.

You greet everyone you see on the plant floor. You are quick to praise and slow to criticize. You always communicate clearly. You seek teachable moments and you teach. You give credit away and take all the blame.

You write thank you cards. You congratulate everyone for weddings, new babies, and graduations. You offer condolences for those who have lost loved ones. You personally thank everyone who has a service anniversary. You treat everyone with respect.

You understand that leading means serving. You mentor. You never complain. You express gratitude for getting to come to work each day. And you never forget a birthday.

Thank you, Alex, for all of this and the example you set. We will miss you.