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2017-06-26 Issue 4 Fundamental Behavior 3 – Protect The Environment

February 19, 2019
Author: YKK
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Fundamental Behavior 3Safety (Fundamental Behavior #2) and protecting the environment (Fundamental Behavior #3) are two core concepts have been part of YKK’s philosophy from the beginning and will not be compromised.

YKK founder Tadao Yoshida often spoke of his love for nature, once stating, “[True] wealth means being able to make products continuously while maintaining clean water springs.”
In 1994, Tadahiro Yoshida further formalized our commitment with the YKK Group Environmental Pledge, in which he stated that our highest priority is to promote harmony with the environment.

So our first priority is to establish harmony with our environment in our manufacturing and other business functions. Our mission is clear.

Accordingly, all of us must promote recycling, conservation of energy and natural resources, safe use and disposal of hazardous materials, and the development of environmentally sound practices.

The duty to seek harmony with the environment applies to all aspects of our business, not just manufacturing. This requirement applies to all administrative, sales, and R&D staff as well. We all use valuable resources and generate waste. We can all take steps to minimize our impact on the environment.

YKK has many carefully-developed procedures that ensure protection of the environment. If you ever see anything that seems unusual from an environmental compliance standpoint, please report it to your supervisor or call the anonymous YCA hotline at 1-800-398-1496.
No matter what role you are in at YKK, you can contribute to this effort and make a difference.


Alex Gregory
Chairman and CEO
YKK Corporation of America